Shower doors are usually something we take for granted. We don’t pay much attention to the type of door or its characteristics before you choose a design for our shower or bathroom in general. First of all, you need to realize not all shower doors are the same. In fact, there’s a large variety of designs and styles to choose from.

The bypass doors are also known as sliding doors and they take up the least amount of space. Their design consists of two of three panels that slide past each other on tracks situated at the top and bottom of the shower unit. They’re most popular in corner stand-alone showers.

Pivot doors are also known as swing-open doors and they open outward from a single side. It’s usually opening that are too small for bypass doors that require this type of be installed. Pivot doors can be mounted to swing both in and out in order to fit the layout of the bathroom.

Round doors open inwards and they are usually used on corner stand-aloe showers. They are attached to the top and bottom of the frame and, because they’re curved, the bathing area becomes larger.

And speaking of how shower doors are attached, there are basically two types: framed and frameless doors. Framed shower doors feature frames usually made of aluminum or composite materials available in a variety of finishes. They include a track which collects water and requires periodic cleaning.

Frameless shower doors are more modern. They are easier to clean and care for and they’re usually appreciated in modern and contemporary interior design for their simplicity and ability to create a sense of spaciousness. They are ideal for small bathrooms.

Frosted glass has a very distinctive texture. It has a smooth and soft appearance and usually used for shower doors to provide privacy. Frosted glass in available in a variety of colors and can even feature a series of designs and patterns.

Rain glass shower doors are only textured on one side, leaving the other smooth. They have a unique decorative appearance given by the patterns of crystal rain. Plus, it also provides privacy, just like frosted glass and obscures fingerprints and watermarks.


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