When living in a small home, a loft or a studio where there’s already little space to begin with, there’s hardly any need for walls taking up even more space. It’s why such spaces often have open floor plans and use room dividers instead of walls. To illustrate how such a layout would function, we’ll present you two inspiring examples.

The first one is a 40 square meter apartment with a kitchen, living room, dining room and bedroom that basically share the same area. The partial wall behind the living room sofa is actually a custom shelving unit and behind it is the sleeping area. It’s a simple and ingenious way of separating the rooms without wasting space with full walls. This way there’s even some extra storage on those open shelves.

The second apartment measures 46 square meters so it’s a bit more spacious, although that can hardly make a difference at this level. In this case, the bedroom is basically just the corner of an open floor plan divided with ceiling-mounted curtains. The curtains may not offer noise reduction or a lot of privacy but they do help conceal the sleeping area most of the time.


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