To us, it was a bit uncertain what a TV tray table really was so we decided to do a little bit of research. As it turns out, it’s not strictly related to the TV, nor does it look like a tray. Actually, it’s a C-shaped sort of side table which allows you to have a place for your laptop, your favorite snack or your drink while you’re enjoying the comfort of your sofa. Let’s explore a few of the designs and the ways in which they can be useful.

Simple, sleek and practical, these tables don’t take up much space in the living room so you can have two or more without wasting floor space. In fact, they’re so practical they pretty much eliminate the need for a coffee table in the room.

Place them in front of you as you sit on the sofa so you can have your laptop on the table or, if you’d rather use them as a place to put the remotes or a glass of water, they can stay on the side.

TV tray tables or C tables show their versatility in a lot of ways. For example, there’s nothing stopping you from using them as regular side tables and place a vase on them.

Also, why not also use these cute little tables elsewhere in the house as well? Surely you can think of a way in which they can be useful in the bedroom. Maybe you can use one in your reading nook.

We can think of tons of other ways in which these TV tray tables can be useful. For example, any room that has a sofa or a bed could use one. So if you have such a lounge area in the kitchen, don’t forget to accessorize it.

In a home theater it would be nice to have more than one TV tray table so everyone can be comfortable while watching the movie and have a place to put their drinks, popcorn, etc.


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