Sometimes the most simple and clean of ideas are what works the best for you and your home. An easy piece of decor, such as a monogrammed piece, can add flavor and your own, personal touch to your walls without being too overwhelming or fussy. This is a great addition to any home with a traditional or contemporary vision in mind. Let’s have a look at 10 different monogrammed wall decor pieces that are not only stylish but work in the real-life space.

Have your full set of initials made up into a swirling, flirty design to hang above your bed, beside your closet or even above your work desk for a vibrant and personal touch!

You could always take something as one letter, styles of your choice and frame it! You can create this look within a variety of themes and place it virtually anywhere you need a bit of something special.

Find a bunch of the letters of your choice and create a funky, quirky collage out of them. This is great for a dorm room, hallway or even for a bit of personality right above your bed!

The living room is the perfect spot to place the family’s initial. Frame it, stick it, paint it … whatever the case, don’t be afraid of using such a simple idea as a focal point.

Get inspired by other monogrammed wall decor ideas like this faux floral idea! We are loving the gorgeous, finished project and all the ways it can accent the house!

Your monogram accents don’t have to be large, instead they can be small and mighty. Dipped in a bright color or covered in a print paper, small additions can be made easy.


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